Time To Say Goodbye

I’m a few days into my journey and I haven’t developed a nervous twitch yet, so that’s a good sign. I’ve been keeping up my food diary which I’ll upload on Monday under a new tab called 12 in 12.

To recap, the three steps in The Start Here Diet by Tosca Reno are:

  1. Dive Inward: identify emotional triggers as to why you’re overeating
  2. Uncover your Hidden Foods: identify and eliminate empty-calorie foods that sabotage your weight loss efforts
  3. Move a Little: gently ease back into exercise

Sounds easy, right? Step 1 will take time, perhaps the duration of 12 in 12 and possibly the key to keeping the weight off for good. Step 3 is perfect for a beginner. But Step 2 is the toughie. Identifying my hidden foods wasn’t the problem – eliminating them will  be. So how best to express my grief and face the pain of my loss? How do I bring closure to a lifelong relationship with the foods that have comforted me? A food funeral of course!