What The World Needs Now

It’s ridiculous writing about weight loss when the world is going crazy. As I write this, that Oompa Loompa in the White House imposed a travel ban preventing refugees from entering the very country whose rallying cry is “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” and my country mourns as six Muslims were shot and killed in a Quebec mosque.

Disturbing news like this would have led me to the fridge, now it gets me to my knees. Food, or any other addictive substance, may numb us for a short time, but once the effects wear off, the problem is still there, and we are worse for wear.

It was a year ago this very weekend that I numbed myself stupid for the last time. I got some news I didn’t know how to process, so I did what I always did when I felt discomfort rise up within me – I rammed it back down with fists full of food. When I came to, my problem was still there, and I was sporting seven extra pounds as a souvenir – pretty impressive for two-and-a-half day bender!

So, what got me to change a lifelong pattern of self-destructive coping? Prayer and action. I couldn’t change my situation, but I could change me, so I joined a fellowship of food addicts in recovery, and TOGETHER we support each other through life’s ups and downs.


Instead of looking for a solution at the bottom of a Nutella jar when a problem arises, I say The Serenity Prayer and decipher which course of action to take. For example, I can’t change that buffoon south of the border, but I can do my part in preventing the spread of his moral and ethical herpes by vaccinating my mind, body, and spirit, with the antidote: LOVE.

The day after Trump announced the bans, I signed up to volunteer my time assembling medical kits for doctors who go on missions around the world – the thought that this medicine will get to the very souls that Trump is trying to keep out lights me up more than any of my binge foods ever could!

Yes, what the world needs now is love, sweet love! I suggest we counter every act of destruction, hate, and discrimination with constructive, healing acts of service and love. We addicts can only do that if we put down our forks, bottles, syringes, joints, etc., and take action in making the world a better place.


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The Joy of Less

Happy New Year everyone! I pray that 2017 will bring you health, happiness, and an abundance of joy. I’m finding the older I get, these are the things I want to fill my life with – the ones that don’t have a price tag.

I didn’t always get that. I, like many, used to bow to the god of all things shiny and crammed my house with so much stuff I got carpal tunnel dusting it all… wall-to-wall shelving units teeming with books, DVDs, and tchotchkes; Rubbermaid totes packed with craft supplies; and a plethora of pashminas, if tied end-to-end, could stylishly wrap Tutankhamun and his entourage.

At the same time, my hoarding spilled over from the shelves, onto my plate and down my gullet. Bingeing became my way of stockpiling excessive amounts of food in a frame that simply couldn’t contain it. As a result, I lived in an unruly body that was bursting at the seams with cellulite and misery. Mercifully, my compulsion to overindulge is being arrested a day at a time by working a twelve-step program for food addiction.

These valuable lessons are positively influencing all areas of my life. For example, as my waist shrinks, so has my consumer waste! I’m starting to be just as deliberate with my purchases as I am with my food plan. When I go shopping, I ask myself two question: (1) do I need it, and (2) do I love it? If I answer “yes” to at least one question, I’ll make the purchase. If the answer is “no” to both, I walk away. It’s not always easy, but like exercise, the more I do it, the more I strengthen that muscle.

I’ve also been going through my home, purging the excess. I ask myself the same two questions when deciding what to keep, sell, or toss. I’m discovering my townhouse isn’t as tiny as I thought!

You might think I’m being too restrictive, but actually I feel liberated! Excess has got me into a lot of trouble in the past.  Instead, I’m choosing to live intentionally, and the only things I’m interested in acquiring going forward are more friends, experiences, and stamps on my passport!


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Touched By An Angel


Today, I would like to honour a dear friend, Michelle Riccio, who passed away on Thursday, December 8, 2016, from a long and courageously fought battle with breast cancer. Michelle, in her short life of 36 years, taught me about living life fully, and making a positive difference in the lives of others.

I honour Michelle’s past, with a link to her blog site, Tit Happens. You’ll remember that she joined me in 12 in 12 during May when I followed the Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet. We made delicious Granola Bars and Clusters, Guacamole, Cashew Sour Cream and fresh Almond Milk together, with her little one, Taylor. In addition, I’ve included her recent appearance on Cityline, in Toronto (link 1; link 2; link 3; link 4) and a feature in Today’s Parent Magazine.

I honour Michelle’s present, as I share the tribute card from her Celebration of Life service I attended today with several hundred people who were blessed to know and love her.


I honour Michelle’s future, with links to causes near and dear to her heart. Please consider giving a gift on her behalf, or on behalf of a loved one. I’m sure every person would be thrilled to know that they continued to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


Thank you, my dear friend, for reminding me once again that the most important things in life aren’t things. They are the people and experiences we gather along the way. I am so grateful our paths crossed. I take your strength and courage with me into the coming year, and always.



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Life Off The Plate

I’m so proud of the women my daughters have become – they’re bright, compassionate, creative, and funny as heck. However, it’s their sense of wonder and curiosity I admire most. My eldest, a seasoned globetrotter, has made a career out of her passion for travel, and my youngest, a self-proclaimed hermit, got out of her shell and taught in South Korea for two years. I have no idea where they got their adventurous spirit from, given that their father never gets off the couch, and I’m the ‘play-it-safe’ mom who won’t touch risk with a ten foot pole.

I love listening to their travel stories, and live vicariously through their photos and postcards that I proudly hang on my fridge. They represent an accomplishment that allows them to say, “been there, done that”. Exploring this great, big, beautiful world has enriched and transformed their lives in so many ways. Sure, I’ve fantasized about taking off from reality and doing my own version of Eat, Pray, Love, but my responsibilities, pocketbook, and germ-a-phobia get in the way of making it happen. Lucky for me, not all journeys require a boarding pass and vats of hand sanitizer.

Two years ago today, at a whopping 253.8 lbs, I took my My Last Before photo and vowed to scour the ends of the earth (okay, Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area) to find my right-sized body in the hopes of snapping my first ever after photo.

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I took the scenic route during my first year, testing 12 diets in 12 months. I either consulted the diet gurus in person, or followed their protocols as prescribed in their books.  When the experiment ended, I decided to create my own plan, which I dubbed The Best of The Best. Well, that blew up in my face! In two short months, I regained 20 of the 58 lbs it took me a year to lose! I was at risk of regaining all the weight in half the time it took me to lose it! Talk about epic fail! Or was it?

Wrong turns and detours often take us to places we wouldn’t discover otherwise, and it was at that very junction I found my solution – a 12-step program that not only dealt with my problem with the scale, but the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of food addiction. The program offers an abundant food plan, but it’s the support and structure that continues to transform me from the inside out.  I have no doubt I’ll snap that after photo soon!

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When I started the blog, my hope was to get to 140 lbs…. Well, I’m just a few pounds away from that, so it’s time to tweak that goal to what I now know is attainable for me: 125 lbs.  I am certain that I will not only get there, but maintain it, providing I continue to work the program.  Sooooo, that means the journey continues!!!

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Interestingly, the high point of this journey hasn’t been taking progress photos along the way, but rather what happened in the meantime.

A lot of living and learning has taken place over the past two years. Before embarking on this quest, my primary travel destination was to and from the fridge.  My frequent binge miles only earned me saddlebags and a ton of regret. Somewhere along the way, I stopped living on my plate and discovered a delicious life off it. I now have an insatiable appetite for calorie-free experiences, and as a result, I too can look back and say, “been there, done that!” rather than, “I shoulda, coulda, woulda” which was my mantra before I booked my passage on this wild and crazy ride two years ago.

Best of all, I’ve met wonderful people who have helped me along the way and I’m extremely grateful to those of you who read and support me via the blog – I’m beginning to view my entries as postcards of my journey – I hope you’ve enjoyed receiving them : )

For those of you pondering a similar quest, I encourage you to take action – you don’t have to see your destination to know that it’s there, you just have to take the first step.

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  • Weight –107.4 lbs
  • Chest -10.25 inches
  • Waist -11 inches
  • Hips -18.5 inches
  • Wrist -0.50 inches
  • Forearm -2 inches

A big thank you to Jennifer Wood of JAG True Beauty for taking my ‘Last Before’, my ‘Halfway There’, and ‘Almost There’ photos. Jen, I’m booking you now for my After!

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Just For Today

Anniversaries, birthdays, New Year’s day etc., all measure time, and prompt me to pause and reflect on the growth and changes, if any, that have transpired from one year to the next.

Today is the second anniversary of launching the blog – I can’t believe how time has flown by, and yet in the 365 days times 2 that have been lived, loved, learned, and lamented in, subtle changes have occurred that have a very different Mare clicking away at the keyboard.

In my inaugural post titled ‘Before and Before’ I shared a bit of my lifelong struggle with my weight, and how I hoped to undergo a physical transformation, so one day I would add my first ever ‘after’ photo in my album full of befores.

Despite my success on the scale since starting my journey, my struggle continues. However, it’s the way I’ve learned to handle my problem that has changed. Like most, I would have loved an instant solution and results, but taking the scenic route in search of my after these last 2 years has taught me more about who I am and what makes me tick, or in my case, what leads me to the fridge.

Number 1 – I am a food addict. I hate it. I don’t want to be one, but when I accept that fact and put my recovery first, I am successful not only on the scale, but mentally and emotionally as well. By doing so, I have the serenity that comes from accepting the things I cannot change, and finding the courage to change the things I can. The trick is knowing the difference.

Number 2 – I must weigh and measure my life as well as my food. I have a tendency to overextend myself and it eventually leads to burnout. Unfortunately, I lost sight of that knowledge last month and turned to my hardcore drugs of choice – chips and chocolate. My life had become unmanageable in the days leading up to my daughter’s wedding, and I gave in to my go-to stress reliever, instead of reaching out for support. Even happy stress can trigger a break for an addict if they don’t regain balance.

Number 3 – I have to be careful that solitude doesn’t lead to isolation. I’m typing this post up at my sister’s cottage – a place where I come to be reset and rejuvenated. This is the good kind of alone. The dangerous alone is what I did when I lost control just days before the wedding. When the pressure escalated, I isolated and downed the foods that numbed me for decades, instead of reaching out to my community of fellow addicts for help. What scared me about my recent episode was how voracious I went at my drug despite being clean for over 8 months.

Number 4 – As an addict, time means nothing! You can be abstinent for decades and think you’ve got your disease under control, but as they say in the program, “while you’re working on your recovery, your addiction is in the parking lot doing pushups”. Ironically, it was in a parking lot, isolated in my car, that I broke my abstinence. So, while I mark the anniversary of starting this blog, I can recognize how far I’ve come, but I can never forget that the only day that matters in my recovery is today.

Wherever this post meets you today, my hope is that you feel encouraged to take a step toward your own change. It can be found one day at a time.


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Potty Mouth

I’d like to say I don’t swear, but I do. If I stub my toe – $*&#!!! I owe money at tax time – $*&#!!! The Leafs miss the playoffs – meh, I’m not surprised. However, there are two other curse words I use that do more damage than dropping the occasional F-bomb.

ALWAYS and NEVER have eroded my soul and defined my reality. They’ve kept my spirit small, and my body large.

“You’ll never get to a normal weight.”

“Whenever you lose weight, you always gain it back.”

“You’ll never amount to anything.”

“You’ll always be the fat girl.”

That folks is stinking thinking at its best, and I dined on that defeatist diet for decades.  However, it wasn’t until I started searching for my after, that these words began losing their power over me.  Normally, I would take the declaration at face value, but since starting this journey, I’m questioning and challenging them whenever they arise.  As a result, I find myself in a new (and somewhat surreal) reality – I’m at a weight I haven’t been since my 20s, my confidence is boosting, and a new voice is piping up saying the most absurd and wonderful things like…

“I always knew you could do it!”

“I never gave up on you!”

I know I’m not alone when it comes to being under the always and never spell, but the good news is the curse of the curse words can be broken! You can change your world (and your waistline) by simply changing your words!


The Results Are In

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Getting Smart

Back in the 60s there was a quirky sitcom about a bumbling spy named Maxwell Smart. He and his partner, Agent 99, worked for CONTROL, a secret government agency whose mission was to thwart KAOS’ attempt to destroy the world. Max had numerous catchphrase like, “Would you believe…”, “The old (fill-in-the-blank) trick!”, and “I asked you not to tell me that.” However, the one that resonated with me today was, “Missed it by that much!”

When I got on the scale this morning for my monthly weigh-in, I fully expected to hit the 100 lb mark since starting my experiment back in December 2014… well, I missed it by 1.7 lbs.

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I was so convinced I’d hit the milestone that I wrote an anticipatory post last week bidding adieu to THE 100, calling the culprits responsible for each pound out by name. That’ll teach me to count my adipose before it melts!

I’m a little bummed, kinda like when you ask Santa for a Barbie but you get a Betsy Wetsy instead, or you think it’s Friday only to find out it’s Thursday (sorry JD!).  Normally, I would obsess about this let-down, but a wonderful thing has happened since I began Searching For My After – I got smart and learned not only to count the pounds lost, but my blessings gained as well. With that, in honour of the weight I’ve lost to-date, here is my list of 98.3 things I’m grateful:

  1. God’s grace and mercy
  2. My daughters
  3. My zany family
  4. My remarkable friends
  5. Restored health
  6. Laughing – I love it more than any binge food!
  7. My abstinence
  8. Living in the best country ever – Oh Canada!!!!
  9. My house
  10. Second chances
  11. Losing the equivalent of a Bernese Mountain dog/Snooki from Jersey Shore
  12. My job and coworkers
  13. Fewer heart palpitations
  14. Don’t’ get wedged in chairs with arms anymore (yay! no more bruised hips!)
  15. Belong to a wonderful 12-Step fellowship
  16. Can shop in regular sized clothing store (yippy! no more stretchy clothes!)
  17. Sponsor(s) I adore
  18. Not being embarrassed to dance in public anymore
  19. Family videos and old photos
  20. Supporting other people on their journey
  21. Learning I’m not alone, even when I am alone
  22. I can be around my trigger foods and they don’t faze me anymore
  23. Can keep up with my friends when we go for a walk
  24. The colour yellow – it’s so happy : )
  25. Living close to the lake
  26. Videos of babies laughing
  27. Bubble wrap – Pop! Pop! Pop!
  28. A cup of tea and a good book
  29. No longer get winded when I climb a flight of stairs
  30. Rainy days
  31. The Internet
  32. Seahorses – they’re magnificent!
  33. Stargazing
  34. Playing board games on a cold winter’s day
  35. Writing
  36. The macaroni necklaces my daughters made me when they were in kindergarten
  37. Traveling – I want to see as much of this beautiful planet the good Lord made!
  38. My iPhone
  39. Pashminas
  40. Puppies
  41. The cooing of a mourning dove
  42. Music – except country, it makes my ears bleed : (
  43. Jumping in a pile of leaves
  44. Art galleries
  45. PJs
  46. Flowers
  47. Hugs
  48. Hummingbirds : )
  49. Sudoku
  50. Garage sales
  51. Netflix
  52. Paris
  53. Rainbows
  54. Spellcheck, but not autocorrect – that beast has got me into a lot of trouble!
  55. Doodling
  56. Vacation days
  57. Picnics
  58. Apple picking
  59. Playing Tombola (Italian bingo) with my family
  60. Being a tourist in your own city
  61. Getting a good deal
  62. Milk glass
  63. The snooze button
  64. Finding a penny, picking it up, and all the day I’ll have good luck!
  65. Fridge magnets
  66. Being helped by a good Samaritan
  67. Being a good Samaritan
  68. The farmers market – I’m digging Wychwood – thanks Telli!
  69. Willow Tree angels
  70. London
  71. Pinterest
  72. Candles
  73. Snowy days that make you feel like you live in a snow globe
  74. Long weekends
  75. The Psalms
  76. Yatzhee
  77. Ankle socks
  78. My FoodSaver vacuum sealer
  79. Going to a cottage
  80. My garage door opener
  81. Post-it Notes
  82. Spanx
  83. My car
  84. Books
  85. Kitchen gadgets
  86. Clouds
  87. Scoring a good parking spot
  88. Sunflowers
  89. My electric toothbrush
  90. Museums
  91. Campfires
  92. Comfy shoes
  93. Ladybugs
  94. Good conversation
  95. Home cooked meals
  96. The Toronto Maple Leafs – don’t be haters!
  97. Good hair days
  98. Checkmarks on my to-do list,

and last but not least,

98.3 YOU! Thank you for supporting me on my journey!


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