Squat, Stretch and… Sing?

I’m enjoying the daily tips and suggestions from the trainers and contestants featured in The Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start plan. I’ve heard most of them throughout my yo-yo dieting career, but I came across one I’ve never heard before:

Add singing to your workout! It helps you breathe more deeply and take in more oxygen, improves your aerobic ability, and releases muscle tension. Singing also tones abdominal and intercostal muscles and helps stimulate circulation. So, next time you work out at home, pick your favourite tune and belt it out! – Bob Harper

While Bob’s recommendation couldn’t hurt (unless you’re within earshot of my tone-deaf singing voice), there’s a lot of advice out there that makes you wonder, what were they smoking.

When I was married, my husband stated he “read” “somewhere” that bottom heavy individuals should eat standing up so the fat doesn’t settle on their behinds. Reeeeeally, now?! I knew it was bogus the moment it came out of his mouth – firstly, IF that claim was true, wouldn’t the fat just pool around our ankles? And secondly, the only thing that man ever read in his entire life started with, Dear Penthouse. But then again, I was standing when I divorced him and instantly lost 160 lbs, and have proudly kept it off for 13 years – woohoo!

Is there any dieting advice you’ve heard, read, or even tried throughout the years that had you scratch your head, or fat ankles? If so, I’d love to hear them!