I never thought I’d be liberated from the cellulite prison I was bound to for more than three decades, but here I am down 120+ lbs. living the life I dreamed of every time I started a diet.

Shedding the weight has freed me from belt extenders on airplanes, hideous plus-sized fashion, and judgmental glances at all-you-can eat buffets. I don’t need to use my inhaler after going up a flight of stairs any more, and the thought of going through a turnstile no longer brings on an anxiety attack – can I get an Hallelujah from the choir?!

I walk, and sit, and sleep, and twist, and run, and jump, and Cha Cha with ease. I look forward to exercising – I never thought I would say that! Boxing? Bring it! Weights? Spot me! Jogging? Love it! Heck, I run now even if someone doesn’t shout, “SHOE SALE!” I even get my Namaste on and downward dog with all the bendy girls!

You would think that I’m finally happy in my own skin, right? I would be if it wasn’t loose and saggy. I didn’t realize how much damage I’d done to myself until I deflated. The fat may have melted, but the loose skin, remnants of my former self, will never let me forget my self-abuse.  With clothes on, I can get away with looking “normal”- garments act like sausage casing keeping me together. However, in my birthday suit, I look like Dali’s melting clocks all wobbly and oozy, or like the dough that spilled over the sides of the bowl when I added too much yeast.  Embarrassing!


Perky has left the building and droopy now takes centre stage. There’s so much flipping and flopping, wiggling and giggling, I get motion sick taking a shower. I wear goggles when I take my bra off at night – the girls hit the floor and ricochet from floor to ceiling. Still can’t envision what I’m talking about? Picture Slimer from Ghostbusters, or Jabba Da Hutt from Star Wars – THAT’S what under my Size 8 Calvin Klein’s.

Sorry to be blubbering about my blubber, but it is sucking the joy out of my transformation.  Now that I’m nearing the end of my search for my after photo, I’ll be setting off on a new quest in search of a plastic surgeon!

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