Getting Smart

Back in the 60s there was a quirky sitcom about a bumbling spy named Maxwell Smart. He and his partner, Agent 99, worked for CONTROL, a secret government agency whose mission was to thwart KAOS’ attempt to destroy the world. Max had numerous catchphrase like, “Would you believe…”, “The old (fill-in-the-blank) trick!”, and “I asked you not to tell me that.” However, the one that resonated with me today was, “Missed it by that much!”

When I got on the scale this morning for my monthly weigh-in, I fully expected to hit the 100 lb mark since starting my experiment back in December 2014… well, I missed it by 1.7 lbs.

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I was so convinced I’d hit the milestone that I wrote an anticipatory post last week bidding adieu to THE 100, calling the culprits responsible for each pound out by name. That’ll teach me to count my adipose before it melts!

I’m a little bummed, kinda like when you ask Santa for a Barbie but you get a Betsy Wetsy instead, or you think it’s Friday only to find out it’s Thursday (sorry JD!).  Normally, I would obsess about this let-down, but a wonderful thing has happened since I began Searching For My After – I got smart and learned not only to count the pounds lost, but my blessings gained as well. With that, in honour of the weight I’ve lost to-date, here is my list of 98.3 things I’m grateful:

  1. God’s grace and mercy
  2. My daughters
  3. My zany family
  4. My remarkable friends
  5. Restored health
  6. Laughing – I love it more than any binge food!
  7. My abstinence
  8. Living in the best country ever – Oh Canada!!!!
  9. My house
  10. Second chances
  11. Losing the equivalent of a Bernese Mountain dog/Snooki from Jersey Shore
  12. My job and coworkers
  13. Fewer heart palpitations
  14. Don’t’ get wedged in chairs with arms anymore (yay! no more bruised hips!)
  15. Belong to a wonderful 12-Step fellowship
  16. Can shop in regular sized clothing store (yippy! no more stretchy clothes!)
  17. Sponsor(s) I adore
  18. Not being embarrassed to dance in public anymore
  19. Family videos and old photos
  20. Supporting other people on their journey
  21. Learning I’m not alone, even when I am alone
  22. I can be around my trigger foods and they don’t faze me anymore
  23. Can keep up with my friends when we go for a walk
  24. The colour yellow – it’s so happy : )
  25. Living close to the lake
  26. Videos of babies laughing
  27. Bubble wrap – Pop! Pop! Pop!
  28. A cup of tea and a good book
  29. No longer get winded when I climb a flight of stairs
  30. Rainy days
  31. The Internet
  32. Seahorses – they’re magnificent!
  33. Stargazing
  34. Playing board games on a cold winter’s day
  35. Writing
  36. The macaroni necklaces my daughters made me when they were in kindergarten
  37. Traveling – I want to see as much of this beautiful planet the good Lord made!
  38. My iPhone
  39. Pashminas
  40. Puppies
  41. The cooing of a mourning dove
  42. Music – except country, it makes my ears bleed : (
  43. Jumping in a pile of leaves
  44. Art galleries
  45. PJs
  46. Flowers
  47. Hugs
  48. Hummingbirds : )
  49. Sudoku
  50. Garage sales
  51. Netflix
  52. Paris
  53. Rainbows
  54. Spellcheck, but not autocorrect – that beast has got me into a lot of trouble!
  55. Doodling
  56. Vacation days
  57. Picnics
  58. Apple picking
  59. Playing Tombola (Italian bingo) with my family
  60. Being a tourist in your own city
  61. Getting a good deal
  62. Milk glass
  63. The snooze button
  64. Finding a penny, picking it up, and all the day I’ll have good luck!
  65. Fridge magnets
  66. Being helped by a good Samaritan
  67. Being a good Samaritan
  68. The farmers market – I’m digging Wychwood – thanks Telli!
  69. Willow Tree angels
  70. London
  71. Pinterest
  72. Candles
  73. Snowy days that make you feel like you live in a snow globe
  74. Long weekends
  75. The Psalms
  76. Yatzhee
  77. Ankle socks
  78. My FoodSaver vacuum sealer
  79. Going to a cottage
  80. My garage door opener
  81. Post-it Notes
  82. Spanx
  83. My car
  84. Books
  85. Kitchen gadgets
  86. Clouds
  87. Scoring a good parking spot
  88. Sunflowers
  89. My electric toothbrush
  90. Museums
  91. Campfires
  92. Comfy shoes
  93. Ladybugs
  94. Good conversation
  95. Home cooked meals
  96. The Toronto Maple Leafs – don’t be haters!
  97. Good hair days
  98. Checkmarks on my to-do list,

and last but not least,

98.3 YOU! Thank you for supporting me on my journey!


The Results Are In

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