Program of Attraction

The weight is coming off quickly now and people are taking notice. I won’t lie, it’s flattering when someone comments on my progress, but it kinda messes with my head too.  If I’m not careful, I’ll get a false sense of security, and that my friends will give the devil a foothold and there is no way I want to play footsy with that con artist ever again!

The best part of the attention is when someone asks for advice.  I am by no means an authority on weight loss… weight gain maybe, but not weight loss. Actually, I know how to lose weight, I just can’t keep it off – whenever I lose it, I find it again with interest. Regardless of which direction I’m going on the scale, I am an experienced traveler on the diet highways and byways, so I guess that gives me some credibility when people ask for directions on their journey.

I’ve tried countless programs before conducting my experiment last year, when I tested 12 diets in 12 months, but it wasn’t until I committed to a Twelve-Step program for food addiction in February, that people noticed a shift in me that goes beyond the scale… that is what people are attracted to, and that is what they want for themselves.

Initially, people are disappointed to learn I haven’t discovered the magic pill that melts away the pounds, or scored a Get Out Of Diet Jail Free card. Nevertheless, they listen attentively when I tell them about what my new program has done for me. While not everyone is a food addict, the principals of the program are sound for anyone wanting to regain a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Many of those who have approached me in the last few months have also decided to abstain from flour and sugar and they’re seeing great results.  I love getting updates from them after they step on the scale… “I’m down 5 lbs. this week!”, or “I’m starting to feel better.”, or when they send photos of their abstinent meals…

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Although I have yet to arrive at my destination, this journey has been worth it on so many levels. Thank you for your support along the way, and no matter how busy I am, I will always make the time to help those of you searching for your after.

Suck It Up Princess

If I didn’t realize how blessed I was before, I do now! The support I continue to receive on my journey as I search for my after has been overwhelming. I’ve been on this road before, but going public has brought out cheerleaders in the unlikeliest places.

Last week, Carole, one of the managers called me into a last minute meeting. “Last minute meeting” is code for one of three things where I work… (1) a surprise celebration in your honour, (2) you’re getting a pink-slip, or (3) an actual meeting. I stopped what I was doing, grabbed my pen and notebook, and followed Carole into the boardroom where a dozen of my coworkers had gathered. I was baffled the moment I walked into the room… there were folks from different divisions, and there was a giant box in the middle of the table with my name on it.  I froze… I realized the next few moments would be either really good, or really bad… regardless, I was going to end up in tears.

Carole confessed that there was no “last minute meeting” – no duh, Carole… it was a one in three chance it would be! Carole went on to explain that the team wanted to support me on my journey. They’ve admired my determination along the way and that I’ve become an inspiration for them.  Me?! An inspiration?!  This group has seen me attempt (and fail) countless diets in my 15 years at the company, so why the recognition now?

Because this time is different. This time, it’s the real deal. This time, they know, and I know that I will not only get into my right-sized body, I’ll keep it off.  Something has shifted mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The change is tangible.

Since committing to the Twelve-Step program in February, my coworkers have seen me forego catered lunches and snacks in favour of my weighed and measured abstinent meals. They’ve not only marvelled at the quality of the meals, but the quantity as well, often joking that I should start a side business catering their lunches since they’re better than what they get at the cafeteria!

They’ve all wondered how I manage to create such abundant meals when I work full-time, and part-time. I explained that I must maximize every spare moment by cooking in bulk.  I weigh and measure my portions, and then freeze them with the FoodSaver vacuum sealer my remarkable friend, Joanna lent me. This system has helped me stay on track even when my schedule has me stretched thin.

This is when my OCD comes in handy!!!

As one of the kindest acts of support, my generous coworkers (aka, my daytime family) chipped in and purchased me my very own FoodSaver! I was humbled and speechless. I wish I could have vacuumed sealed that moment forever!



The Results Are In

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