Accepting The Things I Cannot Change

I’ve been on a Twelve-Step program for food addiction for over a month now, and while it’s strict and demands more of my time, I’m happy to report I’m back on track! Being at my pre-binge weight is wonderful, and so is the support I’ve been receiving from fellow members.  However, it pales in comparison to how the plan is calming my mind, which is command central for my addictive behaviours.

I never wanted to do a regimented plan where you must to weigh and measure everything, but I have proven I can’t be trusted around products that contain flour, wheat, or sugar, so I must accept I can never take eat them again. But that’s okay… the Twelve-Step food plan may be regulated down to the ounce, but there truly is a peace that comes with surrendering to the plan, and my higher power. I hand over my addiction and in return, I get peace of mind, and nothing I’ve ever binged on tastes as good as that!


There’s a freedom within these boundaries – there’s no guesswork when it comes to the food, so I’m at liberty to savour life’s other joys.

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