Getting a Grip

In my last post, I fessed up to bingeing again after not doing so for more than a year. Falling off the bandwagon this time around was harder than ever before.  Since ending my yearlong experiment on December 1st, 2015, I regained 19.4 of the 58.6 lbs. I lost. I was embarrassed to admit it on my blog, but I was equally upset that I could easily revert to a binge of that magnitude after all I had learned during my trial. I realized then, I needed to be accountable more than once a week, so I joined a Twelve-Step program where I check in with my sponsor on a daily basis.  I also attend several meetings weekly where I listen and learn from individuals who struggle with the same addiction.

I started the program officially on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 and have been completely compliant with the food plan.  Technically, I am only to weigh myself once a month (the 10th in my case) however, since I’ve been blogging, my weigh-in days have been the first of every month, and I will continue to do so for consistency.

These are my results on the plan thus far…


That’s a 12.9 lbs. loss in 20 days!!!  I was able to reverse 2 months of damage in a few weeks! These results will vary for everyone, and the numbers will decrease as time goes on, but all I can say is… WOW, and THANK YOU to the group for helping me get a grip on what could have been a catastrophic situation.

In all honesty, the food plan is the least important part of the program. When you get that under control, you can begin to deal with whatever it is that feeds the addiction, and that’s worth more than a lifetime supply of Nutella!

I still struggling with labeling myself as a food addict. I don’t want to be one. However, the more I resist facing the truth, the longer it will take to recover

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