May The Life Force Be With You!

If it weren’t for my lab partner in high school I would have flunked grade 10 science, and I wouldn’t have eyebrows right now. To say that I’m not “sciencey” is an understatement, which makes it rip-roaringly hilarious that I support clinical scientists for a living. They are the Sheldons to my Penny. The Newtons to my fig. The Nutty Professors to my PB&J.

I get the basics (what goes up must come down; inhaling helium makes you sound like a chipmunk; you can’t have a party without frozen H2O), but reading the heady scientific research in all the plans I’ve tested so far during my 12 in 12 experiment has been challenging to get through.

In this month’s plan, Jon Gabriel includes his fair share, but he also introduces theories that go beyond the lab, such as ‘life force’, which he describes as “a subtle energy that surrounds, permeates, and animates all living things.” Jon goes on to explain that stress, toxins, low-energy thinking, and negative emotions block the flow of this vital energy, and are the root cause for all illnesses and physical ailments.  When we are devitalized, we must identify the stressors and address them in order to unblock the pathways.

We can also replenish this energy by eating vibrant foods… you won’t find this miracle ingredient in anything boxed, canned, or processed!  Cooking also destroys this energy. It’s no coincidence that obesity has been on the rise ever since refined, manufactured food products made their way into the marketplace.

So, what should we be eating? Natural (preferably organic), in season, locally grown fruits and veggies! These foods contain chlorophyll, a substance in plants that converts sunlight into energy.

“Some researchers have concluded that the higher the level of light energy a cell emits from the food we eat, the greater the value. This light energy comes from the sun, and the more sunlight that can be stored at a cellular level, the greater the potential for the transfer of that energy to the individual who consumes it.”

– Jon Gabriel, The Gabriel Method

In addition to incorporating more sun-kissed foods into our diet, we can also increase this vital energy by going out into nature and soaking up a few minutes of sunshine every day. Sunlight is the best and only natural source of vitamin D.  It’s no wonder rainy days and Mondays get us down – they deplete us of this essential vitamin which helps boost our mood, absorb calcium, and improve immune function.  Researchers even suggest there is a link between obesity and being deficient in vitamin D.

Perhaps the oddest recommendation Jon makes in his book is ‘Eating the Sun’, a five-thousand-year-old Chinese Taoist Chi Kung technique, which literally has you ingesting energy directly from the source. I thought he was making it up, but I Googled it, and sure enough, there are people in China still practicing it today!

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What do you say friends, fancy dining on some delicious, calorie-free rays with me? All you need is an open mind and a healthy appetite for sunshine. Eyebrows are optional.


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2 thoughts on “May The Life Force Be With You!

  1. I loved this one! I took out Jane’s mum out today. I wheeled her into a sheltered nook at the park, positioned her chair directly facing the sun and we sat there soaking it in, reveling in how amazing it felt and talking about how much we loved it. Yes, all common, doable sense. Eat local, fresh, organic, mostly greens and veg, good proteins, good fats some fruit a few treats every now and then, throw in exercise for good measure, control portions and presto, you are living better, looking better and feeling better. Now its all about the doing-not always easy, but I never forgot to add a healthy dose of nature-that’s my elixir! Miss you my friend.


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