Where Your Mind Goes, Your Hips Will Follow

199. I should be happy with this number, but I’m not. I’m not saying I’m not thrilled to be out of the twos, but I’ve seen this number twice before in the last decade. I’ve gotten down to 179, so seeing 178 will be the day I melt in a puddle of my own joyful tears.

I’m not minimizing my efforts, truly I’m not.  I’m pleased that I’m out of the ‘morbidly obese’ range on the BMI chart and now comfortably reside in the plain old ‘obese’ section. I’m pleased that people are starting to notice my efforts and comments have gone from, “Have you done something with your hair?” to “Wow Mare, have you lost weight?” But there is a nagging question in the deepest part of my being that has me worried. It’s the one that whispers, “Can you really get to your goal weight?”  I either don’t trust myself to cross the finish line, because I never have since I started dieting at the age of 14, or I don’t believe it could ever happen to me.

It is said, “Where the mind goes, the body follows,” and most of my life my mind wanted Oreos and my body followed until it ballooned to 259+ lbs.  In the recesses of that same mind, under the cookie crumbs, I believe I am defective and can’t achieve, or maintain a healthy weight of 140 lbs. It keeps telling me it’s possible for other people, but not for me. That the weight I’ve lost so far is a fluke, or it’s nothing new since I’ve been 199 before, and that I will repeat history and regain it. I don’t want my stinking thinking to become a self-fulfilling prophecy, so that’s why it’s imperative this month’s plan focuses on the mind.

Jon Gabriel, author of The Gabriel Method, lost over 220 lbs. without dieting or surgery! Pretty incredible – I love transformation stories, and I especially love and respect advice and wisdom that comes from people who have been on the same road I’m on. Yes, doctors and fitness gurus have their place on the bookstore shelves, but if they’ve never carried more than 100 extra pounds on their frame, they can only talk to the science of weight loss, not the blood, sweat, and tears part that resonates with individuals like me.


Jon Gabriel’s journey started when he was supposed to be on Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. Fortunately, he missed that flight and didn’t squander his second chance. He quit his job, and began transforming his body, which eventually changed his entire life.

Jon went on a quest to understand why he couldn’t lose weight, and began to listen to his body. He studied biochemistry, nutrition, neurobiology, psychology, meditation, quantum physics, and much more. He was convinced that “the answers lay somewhere between the space that separates the mind from the body.” He also gave up dieting when he realized that our bodies hold on to fat to protect us.

The truth is your body doesn’t want to be fat in order to hurt you or punish you. The only reason it is fat right now is because, for some reason, it thinks it is in your best interest to be fat. But as soon as you identify the problems and you start addressing them, everything changes.” – Jon Gabriel, The Gabriel Method

WOW! What if my body wasn’t the enemy? What if it didn’t hate me? What if it’s been protecting me all along?! That blew my mind! I stared at my lumpy, nude self in a full-length mirror after I read that, and for the first time I didn’t hate my rolls. I started to see my cellulite as fat-filled bubble wrap, insulating me from the inside out.

The Gabriel Method has you address the physical, mental and emotional factors that activate your “FAT Program”, such as mental starvation, fear of scarcity, emotional obesity, and dysfunctional beliefs… all of which struck a nerve with me.

He also offers techniques I’ve never applied on any program – visualization and meditation.  Jon promises that we can remove the beliefs that are causing mental obesity by re-educating our minds, and “the easier you believe it is for you to lose weight, the easier it becomes.”

He recommends we communicate with our brain using pictures, so every night we are to look at an image of our ideal body, and then listen to his nighttime meditation CD, which he offers free on his website, or via the App Store.

I used to post pictures on my fridge of my ideal body to prevent me from raiding it, but it never worked, so I thought I would go one-step further for my visual aid…. I asked my talented friend and co-worker, Catriona, to Photoshop my head on a sexy woman’s body. I think it will help me see my thin self buried under my spongy shield.

Processed with Moldiv

I can’t help but grin when I look at this photo…. It’s helping me believe that I just might look like this one day, and you know what, I can’t wait for her to come off the page and walk into my life.

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The Results Are In

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6 thoughts on “Where Your Mind Goes, Your Hips Will Follow

  1. What a powerful post. Here’s the thing – because you DO have so much Power (not just frustration, but also momentum and determination) you are totally on the path for making this happen. Sounds like you have a good network of support and accountability too. Right on!!

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  2. Thank you Julianna! This has been such a phenomenal journey so far, and I couldn’t have done it without the love and support of those encouraging and supporting me along the way.
    Weight loss may have been the original goal when I started this experiment, but the real reward has been walking towards mental, physical, and spiritual wholeness : )
    With kind regards,

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