“Hello, my name is Mare, and I’m a food addict.” Those were the words I uttered on my first day abstaining from flour, wheat, and sugar for this month’s 12 in 12 experiment.  Immediately after making my declaration, I walked straight into the sugar-coated, deep-fried, batter-encrusted lion’s den that is the Canadian National Exhibition (aka CNE, or The Ex).

I toyed with not going for fear of ruining my 16 hours of sobriety (I started counting the moment the clock struck midnight on September 1st, 2015), but I hadn’t been there in six years, and I wasn’t going to let another summer go by Ex-less, even if it was my first day on the wagon. So, off I went to meet my daughter and the Grand Old Lady of the (Toronto) waterfront. First stop… The Food Building. Clearly, I am not only a glutton for all things high in calories, but punishment too.

The moment we walked through the doors, we were caught up with the ravenous herd all seeking to satisfy their taste buds with CNE classics, like Tiny Tom Donuts, or one of this year’s innovative, yet whack-a-doodle offerings, such as frosted flaked battered chicken on a stick, or deep fried Oreos.


We must have done our daily 10,000 steps scouring for a booth that offered any flourless, wheatless, sugarless, fare.


It was definitely challenging to find something that wasn’t smothered in edible sin, but not impossible! I eventually ordered a single chicken kabob from Mr. Greek, and this delicious, vibrant, healthy salad from Wild Child’s Kitchen. (Hi, Jelf! Your booth rocked!)


We had a fantastic evening perusing the International Building and walking the midway under the stars, and I’m happy to report I remained 100% abstinent! Yay, me! One day down, forever to go!


One thought on “EX-Rated

  1. Way to go Mare! We were at the Ex last weekend and I succumbed to splitting churros with hubby. But not further damage was done and I hope I walked it off as we made our way around the grounds. Your pictures are fantastic this week!!


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