I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

A big thank you to all of you who have reached out and wondered why I’ve missed two weeks’ worth of blog posts. It’s so nice to be missed! My disappearance from cyberspace was primarily due to a trip – no, not to some sunny remote locale, but into myself.

As I enter the last quarter of my yearlong experiment, it is painfully clear that my obesity is not because I eat too much (that’s just a symptom), it’s because I think and feel too much.

For the remainder of 12 in 12, I will be focusing on addiction, the mind, and ultimately the spirit. Deep down, I always knew this is where the journey would take me, and if I truly want to deal with my problem once and for all, I will have to face my demons and stinking-thinking.

Honesty. Vulnerability. Fedupness. Yup, I made up another word. That’s what it will take to find my elusive ‘AFTER’ shot. I recognize it will be an ongoing process once I get there, but I am only now ready to face it.  Over the last two weeks, as I did my research for the last phase of the experiment, I began to scratch the surface and to be honest, there’s been less laughing and more tears. But that’s okay! Actually, it’s necessary.

Stay tuned as I reveal the next plan on Tuesday, September 1st. Until then, thank you for your love and support on my journey. I will need it more than ever as I cross the threshold in the deepest, darkest part of this maze.

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