I Do Declare, I’ve Got A Perpetual Case Of The Vapours!

When Maya Angelou said, “A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing,” she must have been referring to someone who wasn’t going through menopause, because if she was, that poor woman would have jumped into that river to cool down!

I love everything about being in my 50s… freely dispensing the wisdom I’ve gained through the years as I stroke my ever sprouting chin hairs, revelling in the euphoria of hearing my adult daughters proclaim, “gee mom, you were right all along”, and discarding life’s superfluous baggage so I no longer sweat the small stuff. However, the only thing that gets me shvitzing these days are these darn hot flashes. If I ever earned the right to be called Hot Stuff, it’s now! I get up to two dozen a day, and take it from me, all you want to do is strip down when you become a walking fireball. Unfortunately, you can only get a certain amount of naked before you’re charged with indecent exposure. My employer, for example, frowns on nudity in the workplace, even if it is for medical reasons. What’s a hot mess to do?!


All day long, I’m peeling down to my tank top and tying up my hair. Up and down, up and down – I do this everywhere, in meetings, at the grocery store, at church – it’s become my routine and nobody notices anymore. And don’t think the furnace shuts off when you hit the sack – the night sweats bring their own joy, like soaked jammies, sheets, or partner. Ugh! There is nothing lady-like about this. Thank goodness for air conditioners – I happen to keep my thermostat set at ‘iceberg’.

Menopause stems from an imbalance in estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels, and although it’s a natural and inevitable part of aging, it does wreak havoc on a woman’s body. Symptoms, in addition to hot flashes include insomnia, mood swings, fatigue, depression, irritability, racing heart, headaches, joint and muscle aches and pains, hair loss, poor memory and concentration, and weight gain. AND. WEIGHT. GAIN. For heaven’s sake! I used to be able to lose weight a lot faster when I was younger – heck, just a few years ago, the weight was dropping off and I was doing less than I am now to tip the scale in my favour. I feel like I’m swimming upstream in wet cement. I don’t think the good Lord thought this through when He designed the sexes – it’s kind of one sided don’t you think? We get periods, PMS, pregnancy, labour, delivery, stretch marks, hemorrhoids, hysterectomies, and now this. What are men cursed with… 5 o’clock shadow?

Since there is no denying I’m going through “The Change”, I must consider my age and stage when it comes to my next plan. The Hormone Diet, by naturopathic doctor, Natasha Turner, addresses just that. The beauty of the plan is that it doesn’t focus solely on menopause, it can be customized address whatever your hormonal imbalance may be.

The Hormone Diet lays out a fool-proof plan to balance your life, one hormone at a time. But it is more than just a diet book. Along with advice for weight loss, Natasha Turner provides recommendations for an anti-inflammatory detox, nutritional supplements, exercise, sleep, stress management, toxin-free skin care and natural hormone replacement, along with a personalized diet plan – all incorporated into a complete 3-step wellness program focused on the essentials of hormonal balance for lasting health and fat loss.

Dr. Turner is an authority on hormonal and digestive concerns and is a frequent guest on Dr. Oz, and The Marilyn Denis Show. What makes The Hormone Diet the perfect plan to test for Month 9 in my 12 in 12 experiment is that, (1) my hormones are clearly out of whack and screaming for attention, and (2) Dr. Turner’s Clear Medicine Wellness Boutique is located in Toronto, so I’ll be working directly with the experts for relief and results.

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