When Life Hands You Strawberries

Pass the calamine… I’ve got the seven month itch. I’ve never stuck to a diet this long, except for the one I did post-breakup years ago. It was easier then – I wasn’t doing it for myself. This time I am, and in all honesty, I often struggle with keeping a promise to myself.

It’s effortless staying on track when everything comes up roses, but when life gets tough, or I feel that I don’t have control, I get into a funk. When that happens, I usually bury my face in the fridge and don’t come out until I’m in a sugar induced stupor. I haven’t been able to do that since starting 12 in 12… well, not to the Olympic caliber I was used to before starting the experiment. Now I only permit myself the occasional ‘controlled mini-binge’ when I feel this way – but sadly, I just get a quarter of the buzz with the same amount of post-binge guilt.

The wonderful thing about this experiment is that I’m identifying my triggers earlier and learning ways to curb the damage. It’s imperative that I do something constructive, before I start getting destructive!

One technique to get out of Funkytown earlier is to ‘fake it till you make it’, so this weekend I hiked up my plus-sized faux Lulu’s, ran a comb through my Italian fro, and set out in search of a calorie-free buzz, which I found in a strawberry patch out in the country. I shared a fun-filled day with my daughter, sister and nieces. We laughed and ate strawberries and sampled fudge (okay, okay, not so calorie-free).


Then we turned these ruby gems into spreadable joy.


I’m hopeful that being creative and spending time with people I love will snap me out of the doldrums and give me the motivation and willpower to stay the course.


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