Every Day I’m Shufflin’

I’ve been blessed with some wonderful, colourful, and honest people in my life. One of these individuals is my friend and coworker, Jim, who recently lost a significant amount of weight himself by cutting back on his beloved “ranchin’ it” BBQs (which he has yet to invite me to). He’s eating more veggies and started walking on his treadmill, which by the sounds of it, was his clothes hanger for a time too.


Jim has heard me complain about how busy I am, and how I don’t have time for exercise. He’s very encouraging of my journey and has given me some sage advice, which I respect since he’s gone from a before to an after:

Spend less time working out my fingers on the keyboard writing my blog posts, and use that time to work out the rest of me.

Well Jimbo (he hates it when I call him that), this one’s for you….

I never said it would be pretty!

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