How To Milk An Almond


Give a woman an almond and you feed her for a day; teach her how to make almond milk and granola bars on her whole food, plant-based diet, and you feed her for a lifetime… or at least for Month 6 on her 12 in 12 journey.

I’m off to a great start on this month’s plan thanks to my whole food, plant-based coach, Michelle. She wanted to ensure I stocked my fridge and pantry with some ready-made treats, so we took to the kitchen to whip up a batch of almond milk, granola bars, and almond pulp granola clusters. These recipes are so easy to make that Michelle’s 3 year-old son, Taylor helped.

Yummers! Now we need something to wash them down with….

Nothing gets wasted on the whole food, plant-based diet…

BAM! Easy whole food, plant-based goodness!


I wonder what our next cooking class will bring… perhaps, 101 ways to make kumquat? Or, rutabaga roughage refreshments? Maybe, kale-kabobs? If they’re half as good as what we made today, it will be one of my favourite (and healthiest) months on my yearlong journey 🙂

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