It’s Time To Play…


*cue music*

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: Hello, and welcome to Health or Consequences where Mare from Searching For My After aims to achieve the weekly 70,000 recommended steps for optimal health. Should she reach, or surpass this goal, she will do the Walk of Fame! However, if she falls short of the target, she will do the Walk of Shame, and will have to complete a consequence chosen by the audience!

Mare: Hello.

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: Let’s see how you did last week.

*The Fitbit wheel of truth spins… beep-boo-beep-boo-beeeeee-booooooooooo*


Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: 75,108! Outstanding! You’re on a roll! Tell her what she wins Game Show Announcer Mare!

Game Show Announcer Mare: Mare, during your Walk of Fame you’ll get to toot your own horn and continue to improve your health!

Mare: Do I get a full ‘toot’ this week, or are you going to cut me off again?

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: We’re back to our regular timeslot, so toot away!

Mare: Toot! Toot!

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: Mare, we’d like to remind you that you have a consequence due next week.

Mare: I haven’t forgotten.

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: We look forward to it! However, if it isn’t completed by next Thursday, Game Show Announcer Mare has been coming up with creative ways to serve your SLUG penalty.

Game Show Announcer Mare: Slugs are the fruit of the swamp. You can barbecue them, boil them, broil them, bake them, sauté them –

Mare: Ewww!

Game Show Announcer Mare: There’s slug-kabobs, slug creole, slug gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried.

Mare: This sounds familiar….

Game Show Announcer Mare: There’s pineapple slug, lemon slug, coconut slug, pepper slug, slug soup, slug stew, slug salad, slug and potatoes, slug burger, slug sandwich.

Mare: Anything else, Bubba?

Game Show Announcer Mare: That’s about it.

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: And that’s all the time we have. I’m Cheeky Game Show Host Mare, reminding you to choose HEALTH, or else you’ll have to live with the CONSEQUENCES… like eating a slug.

*cue music*


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