It’s Time To Play…


*cue music*

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: Hello, and welcome to Health or Consequences where Mare from Searching For My After aims to achieve 70,000 steps or more in a week. If she doesn’t, she must complete a consequence chosen by the audience!

Mare: Where’s Game Show Announcer Mare?

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: We’re cutting the game short this week because some blabbing blogger took up all OUR airtime yesterday.

Mare: Oops, my bad. But in my defence, it was the first of the month and that’s when I introduce my new plan for 12 in 12. That takes a lot of time.

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: Time we no longer have for today’s show. So, let’s spin this sucker and see if you do the Walk of Fame and get to toot your own horn, or the Walk of Shame and do a consequence.

*The Fitbit wheel of truth spins… beep-boo-beep-boo-beeeeee-booooooooooo*


Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: 76,921! Another great week! Toot it lady!

Mare: Toot! To…

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: That’s enough. You can yack all you want next week when we return to our regular timeslot. This is Cheeky Game Show Host Mare, reminding you to choose HEALTH – even if you’re short on time – or else you’ll have to live with the CONSEQUENCES all the time!

*cue music*

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