It’s Time To Play…

image*cue music*

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: Hello, and welcome to Health or Consequences where our contestant aims to achieve the weekly 70,000 recommended steps for optimal health. Should she reach, or surpass this goal, she will do the Walk of Fame! However, should she fall short of the target, she will do the Walk of Shame, and will have to complete a consequence chosen by the audience!

Game Show Announcer Mare: Aren’t you going to ask me who our contestant is?

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: You told me last week our only contestant is Mare.

Game Show Announcer Mare: I only get 4 lines bub, let me say’em.

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: Touchy. Who do we have with us today, Game Show Announcer Mare?

Game Show Announcer Mare: We’ve got Mare, from Searching For My After.

Mare: Howdy.

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: So how do you think you did last week, Mare?

Mare: Awesome, but…

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: Can’t wait to toot your own horn again, I see. You’ve exceeded the target ever since we started the game a few weeks ago. Let’s see how you did this week.

Mare: but…

* The Fitbit wheel of truth spins… beep-boo-beep-boo-beeeeee-booooooooooooo*


Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: 64,481?! You’ve got some splain’ to do, Mare!

Mare: Yes, let me splain. I’m a creature of habit and if something throws me off, I get discombobulated.

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: Enough with the fancy words, what happened?

Mare: I charged the Fitbit last Thursday night as per usual. The next morning I took the bit part out of the charger and put in on my nightstand next to the wristband. Then I realized I still needed to pack for my overnight stay at my sister’s place – I was going to dog sit for her.

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: At this rate you’ll hit 10,000 words….

Mare: Geez, Louise! I’m getting to it. I scrambled to put a bag together, got dressed for work, made my bed, grabbed my iPhone, iPad, and Fitbit from my nightstand, dashed downstairs to eat breakfast, and then raced off to work.

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: And?

Mare: And, I didn’t notice until I got back from a 45 minute walk at lunch, with my friend Karen, that my Fitbit didn’t vibrate to indicate that I hit the 10,000 step mark, so I checked it and this is what I found…


Mare: I forgot to put the bit piece into the wristband. It was sitting on my nightstand, looking all forlorn, when I got home.

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: I thought you said you were dog sitting that night.

Mare: I made a detour and headed back home to pick up the bit… I didn’t want my Saturday to register zero steps either!

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: That’s unfortunate.

Mare: Is there any way we can make an exception? I have a witness!

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: Is this the same Karen you called when you “forgot” to eat your lunch?

Mare: Yes.

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: How convenient. Are you sure she’s not imaginary, like Snuffleupagus?

Mare: She’s real! We walked from the office to the new Longo’s that day! See… she took this photo at the store!


Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: Oooookay. Where is she?

Mare: Good point.

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: Who takes photos at a grocery store anyway?

Mare: They’re for an upcoming post about…. awwww, forget about it! Let’s get on with the show.

Game Show Announcer Mare: Don’t be stealing my lines!

Mare and Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: (in unison): Touchy.

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: Sorry Mare, you did not achieve the 70,000 weekly recommended steps, so you’ll have to do the consequence! Tell her what that means Game Show Announcer Mare.

Mare: But I did achieve them!

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: If they’re not registered on your progress report they never happened.

Mare: I demand a recount!

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: Let’s review the rules which YOU instituted shall we.


Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: There’s nothing that states your own pretermission as an exception – how do you like them big words?!  And now, Game Show Announcer Mare, please tell Searching For My After Mare, what happens next.

Game Show Announcer Mare: Finally! Mare, you will have to do the Walk of Shame. No tooting your own horn this week. You must select one of the consequences from the Bucket o’ Shame sent in by your blog followers. Please read each one to the audience, place it in the bucket, and then randomly select one.

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: Oh! That’s gotta hurt!

Game Show Announcer Mare: Not as much as living with the consequence of ill health if you don’t make fitness a priority! Mare, you have 4 weeks to complete the consequence. It must be filmed, by a real or imaginary friend, and uploaded for your followers to see.

Cheeky Game Show Host Mare: That’s all the time we have folks. Until next week, I’m Cheeky Game Show Host Mare, reminding you to choose HEALTH, or else you’ll have to live with the CONSEQUENCES!

*cue music*

Game Show Announcer Mare: Please continue to submit your consequence suggestions!

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  1. Mom, you are adorable. My consequence next time is going (with George or Telli) to a Korean food place downtown and eat squid and kimchi! Aw yeah, that’s right, I did it.


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