One-Hundred Steps of Solitude: A Life Without Sweet Tweets and Bon Bon [Jovi’s]

There are two things I can count on at work, (1) there’s never a dull moment, and (2) if you step away from your cubicle, you’re bound to find a cornucopia of food somewhere in the building. We have food at meetings, to recognize achievements and milestones, to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries, to welcome new team members, and to say farewell to others. But this week, one event literally took the cake! Apparently, Jon Bon Jovi turned 53 on Monday and my friend, co-worker, and super-fan, Mary brought in treats to mark the occasion.

Cutest fangirl ever!

This got me thinking… just how many temptations do I face in a given week at the office? According to a Cornell study, we make over 200 food choices a day, for example: deciding on having a second helping, driving past a restaurant, reading a menu, waiting in line at the checkout counter, at social gatherings, and so on.

This week I decided to monitor my choices within 100 steps of my cubicle at work.

Monday, March 2nd: Two-bite brownies and cinnamon rolls to celebrate this hottie’s birthday….


Tuesday, March 3rd: Leftover Pad Thai, salad, cookies, and drinks following a meeting. These foods are not on the ‘O’ list for Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type, so I did not partake. Sorry, I didn’t have my iPhone with me to take a photo, so here is a photo of the vending machine only 43 steps away from my cubicle.


It’s located in the storage room and I happened to be in there on Friday sorting out my supply order…. I was so distracted by its seductive hum and flashy lights, I could barely get my work done. I was tempted to unplug it, but there was no way I could because of the steady stream of co-workers coming in to feed it like a slot machine! Cha-ching! A chocolate bar for Darlene. Bing-Bing-Bing – a diet coke for Wendy. Oops! I’ve said too much. What happens in the storage room, stays in the storage room!

Wednesday, March 4th: A drop-in tutorial provided by our IS team. At least they had healthy food choices!


Thursday, March 5th: The launch of our company’s twitter account. We celebrated with fruit, cookies, beverages, and mini-cupcakes topped with an inch of butter icing and the Twitter logo. #sweettweet #yum #faceplantinicing #nomnom #mewant #notfair


This is a photo of my friend, and co-worker, Michelle and I. She’s an inspiration, and has an amazing story, which you will learn more about when she joins me on my 12 in 12 journey for the entire month of May.

Michelle keeping me honest. #awesomefriend

Friday, March 6th: Timbits at an early morning video-conference. How can I concentrate on work when these delicious, fat-laden, bobbles of yumminess are staring at me?!


I didn’t eat one thing at these events, except for the strawberry I’m biting into in the photo with Michelle. *Sigh.* How is a chubby girl expected to resist all this temptation? This is what I face within 100 steps of my Monday to Friday, 9-5 life. The world beyond that is even more tempting. The choices are mind-boggling and thigh jiggling!

I have always been a ‘because it’s there’ eater, and doing 12 in 12 is testing every ounce of my willpower. But because of this experiment, the spell of mindless eating I have been under for 30+ years has been broken long enough for me to ask, when did food stop being fuel?

To view my Week 14 food journal, go to the 12 in 12 tab at the top of the page, and select 4. March 2015 from the drop-down menu.

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  1. LOL! I hear you sister… the only reason I resisted Ghrelin Gremlin, is that I told everyone at the office about my 12 in 12 trial, so all eyes are on me. But if I wasn’t doing this, I’d scarf down about half-a-dozen before anyone would notice they were gone!

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