Walking the Talk

I’ve always struggled with making fitness a regular part of my life. I can’t tell you how many times I intend to work out, but allow some other ‘priority’ to bump exercise off my to-do list. What will it take for me to make physical activity non-negotiable like brushing my teeth or showering?! A breakup? A reunion? A vacation that requires me to get into a bathing suit? All of these reasons have motivated me in the past, but eventually my enthusiasm peters out and I revert to my typical sloth lifestyle.   But there is one thing that will definitely do it… illness.

Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. ~ Edward Stanley

It wasn’t until I was recently diagnosed with Premature Atrial Contractions (PACs), and Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs) that the quote resonated with me. When I first heard of my conditions, I went into denial, and am now making my way through the remaining stages of processing news like this. (I’m currently waffling between freaked-out and acceptance.) There is nothing I can do about my condition except continue to be monitored, but I feel like must do something, rather than sit on my derrière wishing it away. So you know what that means, don’t you?! It’s time to make up a new, fun, healthy game, with a side of laughs if I don’t deliver! Introducing…. Health or Consequences.

In my last post I discussed how a sedentary lifestyle is as dangerous to our health as smoking. Experts recommend a minimum 10,000 steps daily to prevent long-term health problems, and even with all these warnings most of us don’t even hit the halfway mark.

This is how the game will work: If I register a weekly step total of 70,000 or more, I do the walk of fame – which is pretty much me tooting my own horn while improving my health in the process. However, if I don’t achieve the weekly minimum, I do the walk of shame… a consequence you will determine, that I have to complete, film, and upload to the blog for all to see.

You might think this is rather extreme, but Eddie was right. If we don’t make time for exercise, we will suffer the consequences of ill health, so why not condition ourselves to avoid ANY unpleasant consequence?

Walk of Shame Consequence Conditions:

  • Cannot be a reckless, or a Fear Factor type of activity (i.e. CN tower Skywalk, skydiving, tightrope walking over the Falls, sitting in a glass coffin covered in bugs, wearing a bathing suit in public, etc.)
  • Cannot be something that will injure me or others (i.e. running with knives, wearing stilettoes, wearing a bathing suit in public, etc.)
  • Can’t cost me a fortune (i.e. fly to Vegas… but a drive to Niagara is okay)
  • Can be an activity I normally avoid (i.e. walking on the glass floor at the CN Tower, karaoke, dancing, speaking in public, etc.) Get creative, but remember I’m a 50 year old woman with a wonky ticker!
  • Must fall within my moral and ethical boundaries (i.e. no nudity)
  • I have up to 4 weeks to complete the consequence.

Consequences will be put in a Bucket o’ Shame, and should I fail to reach my goal for the week, I will pick one out and will film whichever one is selected and post for all to see.

Exemptions for not completing the consequence:

  • Illness or injury
  • Family emergency
  • Jury duty
  • On vacation

Exemptions for not completing the 70,000 steps:

  • Illness or injury
  • Family emergency
  • Jury duty
  • On vacation
  • Techincial issues with Fitbit (i.e. system down and not able to record steps, etc.)

I will post a snapshot of my weekly Fitbit results every Thursday, and the game will run for the remainder of 12 in 12.


If regular exercise isn’t currently part of your daily routine, take a look at this powerful commercial from the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation – I won’t be surprised if you lace up your running shoes before the clip ends!!!




3 thoughts on “Walking the Talk

  1. WoW that commercial IS powerful!!
    It really left me thinking and refecting on what has changed in my life and why its affected my lack of interest in being active or having involvement in anything i used to love…hmmmm …. my lightbulb turned on…. i know what it is and have to overcome …

    Thank you for always sharing your soul with all of us in these blogs…
    In the midst of everything u r goin thru in your life, you continue to give us your time, and show us love, courage, determination, perseverence and positiveness….you are so refreshing and inspiring, Mar!
    Thank u! ♡

    I have to get out of this emotional rut I am in and start movin again!

    Here’s my suggestion for either a walk of fame or shame to add to your bucket of consequence:
    We, and whoever else would like to join in; will walk across the Rainbow Bridge from Niagara Falls, CDA to Niagara Falls, NY… site see, have a healthy lunch or dinner, and perhaps play only one slot with just one US $20 and try our luck at Seneca Casino !!
    Many steps and lots of fun….thats not such a bad consequence! 😉
    ( but this will have to wait until we have sunny days and warmth again!)

    Luv ya


  2. I LOVE that consequence Zee! I just might not hit my step target the week before the May long weekend, so save the date my friend – LOL! Kidding, but I would love to that regardless of hitting my target or not – I’ve never walked across the Rainbow Bridge. We’d get our daily steps in just walking across and back for sure, so let’s do it! Anyone else want to join us? We’ll do it on a warm sunny day, when the Falls aren’t frozen over 🙂


  3. I knew u wld like this idea! You will love it! All u need to bring is your passport, some US $, yr fitness gear, your sunglasses and yor contagious smile and attitude!! :))
    Im game , so yes, we can plan it for early summer…..sun, fun, walk,talk!
    It’ll be a great adventure!
    Anyone else is welcome to join us!
    The border officials wont know what hit them!! LOLOL

    We will talk later about all the details, Mar!

    Have a great wknd! ♡


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