A Pack a Day Sitter

Ever since my daughter gave me a FitBit for Christmas, I’ve come to realize I rarely achieve the recommended 10,000 daily steps for optimal health, and it’s no wonder since I sit in a cubicle from 9-5, Monday to Friday, and then sit and write when I get home. And when I need a mental break from work or writing, I sit and watch TV, or read a book.   Clearly, my poor diet isn’t the sole culprit for my weight issues – my sedentary lifestyle is its partner in crime!

Recent health reports state that sitting is the new smoking – if that is the case, I’m a pack a day sitter! How sad is that?! I remember when I started working in an office 30 years ago, my parents were pleased that I (1) didn’t work in the elements like my construction worker dad, and (2) didn’t stand all day like my sales clerk mom. But sitting, penned up in a burlap cubicle all day is turning me into a lumpy, squishy blob with a sore bottom and back pain. Thankfully, my employer modified my cubicle with this handy-dandy adjustable computer-stand shortly after I pinched my sciatic nerve a few months ago, and it’s made a huge difference – not stepwise, but for circulation and pain reduction.


It is definitely harder for a plus-sized person to move around or keep up – I’m constantly asking my friends to slow down whenever we’re walking some place. And even though, I started ‘moving a little’ like Tosca Reno suggested in The Start Here Diet, which I tested in Month 1 of 12 in 12, I haven’t been moving enough. So, that means it’s time to add another challenge to my yearlong experiment!

Inspired by my fellow weight-loss blogger, Alison, who challenged her followers to increase their steps, I’m committing to getting 10,000 steps per day throughout the remainder of 12 in 12. That means my weekly FitBit report should read no less than 70,000 steps per week. Should I fall short of that goal, the consequences will be dire… stay tuned!


My week 12 food (and step) journal is posted under 12 in 12. Select 3. February from the drop-down menu. I exceed my step goal most days, but I expect it to be harder to achieve 10,000 steps on the weekend. I guess it wouldn’t be called a challenge if it was easy!

7 thoughts on “A Pack a Day Sitter

  1. Go Mare!!!! I love that we’re so often on the same wavelength. I just read that article about sitting being the new smoking, AND I was thinking about modifying my desk to stand throughout the day.

    I’m glad you’re on board with our step challenge, and you should add me on Fitbit! We do the Workweek Hustle challenge, and I’ve found that (even though my steps don’t correctly sync with the challenges for some reason!) it keeps me more on track. https://www.fitbit.com/user/2W94KZ


  2. Way to move, Mar!

    I agree, u are looking great!!

    I motor around alot during the day but never counted steps !? I would like to start to now. Where can i get one of those Fitbits?

    I have also been sitting a lot in the evenings. The PVR and this deep freeze that have been my ruination… i choose a comfy blanket, my pjs, and my well worn and moulded leather sofa over anything else; to catch up on all my shows until i fall asleep …
    Nope, this is NOT a healthy cocktail….I need to join this “MOVE”-ment too!! ☆☆☆☆☆


  3. Hi Zee,

    You can get them at Chapters and Best Buys. They go for $79 and up depending on how fancy you want it. I have the FitBit Flex and I love it. It’s light-weight and I forget that I’m even wearing it!


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