Grunt. Grunt. CaveMare. Want. Dessert.

The Hunter-Gatherer diet is pretty straight-forward for my Monday to Friday, 9-5 routine, but come the weekend when it’s time to socialize, this CaveMare wants to smash Paleo back into the Ice Age.

On Saturday night my family got together to celebrate my Mom’s 71st birthday, which means one thing – we eat, drink, and party Italian style. A meal at my parent’s place should really be dubbed Carb-a-Palooza…. fresh homemade pasta, chicken parmigiana, warm crusty bread, veggies sautéed in olive oil, and traditional baked goods from the old country. Our celebration had all of this and more, and guess I what I ate… plain meatballs, rapini, tomato salad, roasted squash, grapes and a clementine.

imageI looked on forlornly, as the dishes were passed from one family member to another, desperately wishing woolly mammoths where made out of chocolate or lasagna.


My mom made her famous Crostoli, an airy fried pastry dusted with icing sugar, and my daughter made a Nectarine Buckle – not an Italian dish mind you, but by the looks of how it was devoured by the family, it must have been delicious! Thankfully, February only has 28 days and I’ll be able to return to the modern age just in time for the next family celebration!

Dessert Junkie – I sniffed every non-Paleo treat that went by me.

Week 10 food journal posted in 3. February under the 12 in 12 tab.






3 thoughts on “Grunt. Grunt. CaveMare. Want. Dessert.

  1. Stay strong! Besides, look at the beautiful colours on your plate. You must have enjoyed the different flavours and textures… it looked amazing…. actually while I am sure the pasta was lovely, the plate didn’t look as enticing as the healthy offering you presented.

    It probably digested better too. Keep looking for the positive!

    Best wishes


  2. Ugh …. that “carb carnival” bein passed around sure looked soooo delish!!!Mmmmmm. But i agree, so did your caveman dish of greens and mmmm-eat! :))
    So happy that u resisted, Mar! I know how hard it is!!! But its what we cant eat that we all crave.
    I love and crave bbq steak more than anything!!! Thats the cave woman in me…lol…and i would choose it over desert….but, i know i wld miss an occasional desert too 😦

    Keep up the good work!!
    Ohhh and tanti auguri e abbracci to your mom for her bday!! ♡



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