Counting My Blessings Instead of Calories

I’m really ticked off as I write this. Everything, and anything, that could go wrong this week, did.

Find out if I fell into my old self-sabotaging pattern of face-planting in a tub of ice cream when all heck broke loose, by clicking the following link: 2. January 2015

Note: Searching For My After is getting a bit of a facelift (it will be a gradual process as I am still learning how to drive this thing).  Weekly food journals will now be listed under separate monthly drop down tabs under 12 in 12.  Each of these sub-tabs will feature the plan I’m testing for that month.

As a result of the changes, links to 12 in 12 in previous posts will now default to the main page and not to the post it was intended.  Those posts have been relocated to their corresponding monthly tab.

2 thoughts on “Counting My Blessings Instead of Calories

  1. Wonderful. I really enjoy your writing. You are so smart and so funny.

    I hope you have a good week with many blessings.

    Cheers, Donna

    iPhone. iTypo. iApologize.



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