12 in 12

You Bite It, You Write It!

I want to thank everyone who contacted me with useful tips and suggestions when I announced that I would be testing Weight Watchers as this month’s  12 in 12 plan. You’ll be happy to know my math headache is gone, and I’m getting better at calculating and budgeting my daily Points.


Week 6 – food journal and more about my first full week on Weight Watchers posted here: 12 in 12.

2 thoughts on “12 in 12

  1. You’ll enjoy weight watchers it’s the only plan that does not deprive you from foods you love just make sure you count them and you’ll do well . Unlike other plans that you can’t eat carbs etc. let’s face it we’re Italian and how long can we really stay off it. You can do it for awhile but once you have some carbs your off your wagon and gain double of what you lost. Your doing well and your inspiring me. Keep it up. Sent from my iPhone



  2. Thanks Sil! I’ve been pleasantly surprised on Weight Watchers. Sure I have to weigh and measure everything, and the portions are a lot smaller than I’m used to, but I’ve enjoyed everything I like and still lost weight!!!


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