Time To Say Goodbye

I’m a few days into my journey and I haven’t developed a nervous twitch yet, so that’s a good sign. I’ve been keeping up my food diary which I’ll upload on Monday under a new tab called 12 in 12.

To recap, the three steps in The Start Here Diet by Tosca Reno are:

  1. Dive Inward: identify emotional triggers as to why you’re overeating
  2. Uncover your Hidden Foods: identify and eliminate empty-calorie foods that sabotage your weight loss efforts
  3. Move a Little: gently ease back into exercise

Sounds easy, right? Step 1 will take time, perhaps the duration of 12 in 12 and possibly the key to keeping the weight off for good. Step 3 is perfect for a beginner. But Step 2 is the toughie. Identifying my hidden foods wasn’t the problem – eliminating them will  be. So how best to express my grief and face the pain of my loss? How do I bring closure to a lifelong relationship with the foods that have comforted me? A food funeral of course!

6 thoughts on “Time To Say Goodbye

  1. I think you should only have 1 decent size slice. Not a large one either. You can enjoy it. Have it on Christmas eve, or Christmas morning. This way you are eliminating the excess calories by not eating one or more entire cakes by yourself. Besides, you can enjoy the cake on New Years day so save one at Nonnas and you can enjoy it in slices. (Slice them up in tiny slices and freeze them. You can portion control to make it easier.)
    Love you,


  2. I’m routing for you Mare!! I need to get motivated myself. I need to get disciplined and start moving again… Thanks for sharing your journey and inspiring me! Cheers!


  3. i know once I try something sweet I fall off the wagon because one piece isn’t enough you will crave more. careful, if you have been strong and done well, you can beat that craving. The way to do it is not have it in the house and ask your mom not to have it present when your around, if you can’t beat the urge, than have one piece and get it out of your system.


  4. I say eat it in moderation over the holidays and take an extra walk around the block. Eat smart and move more. That’s the way to do it. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed.
    I love your blog and though this is a serious topic I love the way you’re able to make light of it. You’re absolutely amazing. 💕


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