My Last Before

It’s finally here – Day 1 of my 365 day trial, where I’ll be testing 12 diet claims in 12 months. It’s a bit daunting committing to this endeavour, but it’s already been a positive experience and I haven’t even counted a single calorie yet.

12 in 12 – Testing the Claims!

I don’t think the biggest challenge will be giving up my hidden foods, although I suspect I’ll be a bit of a bear for the first month or so. I believe the biggest challenge will be how to get my mind, body, and emotions aligned with rules, guidelines and discipline, which will be the key to success. Trust me when I say there’s an internal tantrum going on just thinking about it!

Decisions! Decisions!
Decisions! Decisions!

Although I consider myself to be fairly open minded, I can be stubborn in some ways of thinking, and will have to give up my bad habits, like having dessert after every meal. My body, at 253.8 lbs, feels like a beached whale – it’s cumbersome and stuck, and I’ll need a good heave-ho to get it back into motion. And my emotions are like tofu – they take on the flavour of my environment and it often tastes like Buckley’s – blech!

Tracking my physical progress is going to be a piece of carrot – notice how I’m retraining my brain here?! But how do I track my mental and emotional progress? That’ll be tough as there are no templates on Google to chart this. I guess you’ll have to jump out like therapy ninjas to test me along my journey. (By the way, to all of you who read my post, The Games We Play, I don’t recall giving anybody permission to punch me in the arm – but my daughters are loving the fact that you are continuing the negative reinforcement in their absence).

Measuring Up

I have created a new tab on the blog called, Measuring Up where you can follow my progress (Month 1 is already up!). I will chart my weight and measurements on the first of every month. The handy-dandy template even calculates my BMI – thanks Microsoft! However, I don’t need a calculator to tell me I’m clinically obese.


At 44.25 I’m in the forbidden red-light district on the BMI chart. My goal is to get out of this danger zone and into orange, which is categorized as “overweight” –woohoo! ain’t that sexy?!

Seeing Red

I will also be posting my progress photos – front, side and back. I want to thank Jennifer Wood of JAG True Beauty who heard about my project and graciously offered to take my FINAL BEFORE photos.

Cute top, but I can’t get it over my hips… yet!

I think they turned out rather snazzy, but there is a part of me that wishes I can Photoshop them by trimming several inches off my hips and thighs, or at least beautify my Hobbit feet.

More Games

Adding to the list of games I play is one of buying articles of clothing I want to get into that are several sizes smaller than I currently am. I hang them on my closet door so when I wake up in the morning I get a daily dose of willpower, but by the time I go to bed at night, it mocks me and reminds me of how easily I give up. So when my daughter bought me a lovely polka dot top to motivate me, with the caveat that I wear it to the airport when I pick her up when she returns home next summer, I (1) accepted it, (2) hung it up on my closet door, and (3) promptly gained over 10 lbs. I was sabotaging myself before she even boarded the plane. Why do I do this to myself? Why?!!!

Now it’s time to create a healthy game out of this: Connecting the Polka Dots. I’ve decided to take the top off the hanger and am going to wear it on the first of every month for my progress shots. It’s a ‘small’ but thank God it stretches. The dots represent areas in my life that I will have re-evaluate and manage.

Connecting the Polka Dots
Connecting the Polka Dots

Progress in my in mental, physical, and emotional states will be like connecting the dots… one step will lead to another, which will lead to another, and so on until they’re no longer distorted but fit just right.

6 thoughts on “My Last Before

  1. I absolutely adore you. You are my motivation to make my life more healthy and nutritious. I may have been the start of the negative reinforcement but I hope you will become my positive one. Love you!


    WHEN U R INTO THAT POLKDOT TOP (and you WILL BE ) …lets book a trip somewhere….WITH a beach for SUN and FUN…YOU WILL strut yr stuff ….NO MORE BEACHED WHALE COMMENTS!! U ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT!!

    Im now boarding a flight to Punta Cana with Lauren and mom.:)) ciao!


  3. You can do this. I wish you all the best this month and after. Listen, if you ever want to go for a long walk one Saturday or Sunday, let me know! I’m right downtown.


  4. You go girl. Make me green with envy! Inspire me to borrow that top…you know how much I love polka dots! Luv ya, Mare!


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